33 Tools to be an effective manager

Six Sigma, 5S, Delphi, Ishikawa, Pareto, Flowchart

All you need to know to become a leading manager!

33 Tools to be an effective manager
Six Sigma, 5S, Delphi, Ishikawa, Pareto, Flowcharts... These are just some of the many management tools out there. And, now you can adapt them to your specific needs... and put them to work. 
The idea is quite simple, as all things in life: Every problem has its solution. If you know where to look and what rules to apply...
Unfortunately, and not only in South Africa, management is one of the "things" that you probably "play" by ear. We think we know it all, that we are good at all kinds of things and we’ll learn on the fly anyway.
FSP Business, along with the best specialists in the field, launched the guide that will transform you from an undervalued manager, especially when it comes to your pay cheque, to a successful manager overnight – in the guide "33 Tools be an effective manager"!

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Seven clear reasons you need the eReport "33 Tools to be an effective manager":

  • You’ll know how to motivate your team in times of cost reduction 
  • Find solutions to difficult problems at no extra cost
  • Discover effective ways to manage costs, losses and time
  • Learn how to change employees' attitude towards work
  • Get ideas from employees to improve the entire department and the business as a whole
  • Improve quality processes, services and finished products
  • Increase the involvement of employees and customer relations will improve remarkably!
With the guide "33 Tools to be an effective manager" you’ll be getting loads of job offers and you will become really impossible to replace!
  1. We’ll show you how to do a “PESTLEE Analysis”
  2. How to coach employees
  3. How to use the Japanese Kaizen method to improve activities
  4. Mentoring your employees effectively
  5. The Delphi Method as a management technique
  6. Total Quality Management for a strategic management approach 
  7. Using the Porter Model to analyse your company position in the market
  8. The Balanced Management Dashboard scorecard
  9. How to use the System management by objectives
  10. Making sure you use the ISO system to achieve quality in the workplace
  11. Performance-Point-System Results as a tool to motivate employees
  12. System 5 S for efficiency and organisation
  13. Six Sigma to improve company processes
  14. Time Management skills
  15. PDCA Cycle for total quality management
  16. Diagram "Ishikawa" - "Fishbone" - "fishbone" analysis or "cause - effect" for solving problems and eliminate causes of these problems
  17. Pareto Chart (or 80/20 rule) for collecting data accurately
  18. Histogram –as a tool for statistical analysis
  19. Financial Instruments to help you make better business decisions
  20. Belbin Team Roles to help you manage your team effectively
  21. The LEAN method to create better value for your customers  
  22. Exit Interview Form
  23. Agile as an effective project management tool
  24. SWOT Analysis 
  25. Brainstorming
  26. Process Diagram - Process Flowchart 
  27. Gantt Chart – to help you manage projects where tasks overlap
  28. The RADAR Chart as a tool to effectively evaluate your team
  29. 360 Degree Evaluation for employees
  30. Kanban and Just in Time to make sure you reduce inventory costs
  31. Meeting One to One to help employees improve their performance and give them feedback they need
  32. Gemba Walk as an effective management tool
  33. Poka Yoke – a Japanese technique to help you stop errors from happening repeatedly
Here are management tools that, if you haven’t used, you definitely will. And if you don’t use them all, you definitely need to know them all. 

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Successful Manager
"The subjects are quite varied, from complex systems widely used (Systems ISO, Lean, Six Sigma) to practical implementation models of subsystems and procedures (5S, Delphi, brainstorming, etc.) and ending with the templates and presentations of simple concepts useful in daily management (budget model, Ishikawa diagrams, Pareto, Flowchart etc) . These tools are used by management who represent the most successful companies and are accompanied by examples for practice for everyday use." 
MP Manager, Iasi
The concepts in this report are designed and fine-tuned by some of the greatest thinkers of the world. They’re management tools proven to be effective for many companies and multinationals. We can say that those who don’t know them all, can’t be called an excellent manager, but rather a superficial one. 
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"I’m an entrepreneur. I have a small business that I started at home. I have a website that I manage on my own. I don’t have employees but know all these concepts. Next month I'm going to find a location in an office space and hire the first 20 employees. All I know is I’ll use them at the right time. And managers know they are bigger than me who have no idea how I know 10%. I consider myself superior because I’m informed. And information is the most valuable possession. It works to your advantage, literally. "
IO, entrepreneurs, Bucharest
"If you do not know all these management tools that others have used, what has worked for them and what does not, you’re nothing as a manager."
AF, CEO, Brasov
"I’m constantly using many techniques and management tools. There are situations in which I rely on Pareto techniques in situations, such as Delphi. From case to case, we need some strategies. Interestingly, before we continue to reinvent the wheel, we learn on our own and others. All these management tools are shortcuts opportunities to save time, money and stress. Let's talk about Kai Zen, CAPEX, ISO, Lean ... all have their usefulness. You only need to know when to apply each ... "
DF, Manager, Cluj
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Successful Manager
Here is some information about Flavius Pop, the team leader of specialists who prepared the guide "33 Tools to be a successful manager":
  • Experience in Human Resources - 15 years 
  • Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Director or consultant for various companies like: Procter & Gamble Inc., Sumitomo Corporation Ltd., SAB Miller Plc., Kromberg & Schubert GMBH, Dufa Romania SRL, UCMR SA - INET AG.
  • Certified Trainer
  • Design Instructor in High Performance Organisations
  • Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

The report "33 Tools to be an effective manager"
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33 Tools to be an effective manager

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